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An Invitation And A Challenge

“It’s too easy to keep wanting more without appreciating what you have. In fact, without appreciation you can go on craving things forever and never feel satisfied. Besides, cravings are not healthy – they cage you in. Look out for cravings that bind you, that can take away your feeling of freedom.” Nick P Smith

As the world keeps spinning faster , our experience of life is becoming increasingly complex . There is a quickly growing demand in the market place for businesses that can reconnect people with the simple joys of life .

We all love taking photos …….This year people will upload in excess of 85 Billion photos to Facebook alone .

Our phones , computers , hard drives are rapidly overflowing with fleeting moments , Swipe left Swipe Right……

My Invitation to you  …… take a look at your favourite images ,slow down and reflect on all the memories and feelings ……

My challenge  for you ……. imagine being in you home looking at your favourite image hanging on the wall in front of you . Any time you need a pick me up all you have to do is look up   :-)  .



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Print my photos

Print My Photos

Print my photos to acrylic or canvas .Digital photography is the fastest growing hobby in the world today. If you have any interest  in  photography and the arts you will find value in these posts. From printing and display options , to photographic techniques . Most of all we will teach you how important surrounding your home , office or any space you spend time , with images that have meaning and relevance to you will CHANGE YOUR WORLD.

Digital photography has opened the world of image printing and display from the professional to the wider general public .

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